The Kames Condominium Association
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The Kames is a 103-unit condominium complex built on 25 acres and spread along seven
streets.  The first units were built in 1982 and the last units in 1997.  Attached is a map
showing the street layout of the condominiums in the complex.  The Kames has a pool and
clubhouse, as well as four ponds, one with a fountain.  The units vary in size, layout and
landscaping, so individuality stands out.  While The Kames is private and quiet, it is only
minutes away from Route 8, making it easily accessible to city facilities and to the interstate
system.  It is bordered on one side by the Silver Lake Country Club.

The Condominium Association has an elected Board of Directors who is responsible for
decisions on financial planning, operating rules, building maintenance and landscaping.  
The goal of the Board is to maintain property values.  The Condominium Association
contracts with a management company to oversee the daily operations of the Association.  

The Kames community has an active social committee which plans events throughout the
year for the benefit of all association members.  Activities are noted on the monthly calendar
and in the monthly newsletter.  A landscaping committee is responsible to ensure new and
replacement plantings will thrive in the selected locations.

A benefit of condominium living is the outside structure of the building and all the grounds are
maintained by the association.  Snow plowing, lawn mowing, tree and shrub care, cable TV,
exterior painting, roof repairs, garbage pickup, and much more is covered by the monthly
maintenance fee.

For more information on the Kames community,
contact Associated Property Management, 330-772-3000  

02-28-18 - March Kommunicator, Kalendar
03-05-18 - PDC Agenda - 02-07-18
03-09-18 - March Board Meeting Agenda
03-12-18 - PDC Minutes - 03-07-18
03-15-18 - February Financials, Board Minutes
04-02-18 - April Kommunicator, Kalendar
04-04-18 - Updated Kames Directory
04-16-18 - April Board Meeting Agenda
04-17-18 - March Financials (Prelim)
                  2017 Audit Report

04-18-18 - March Board Meeting Minutes